Trails and Shelters Committee: 2001 and 2002

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Our task

The Montpelier Section of the Green Mountain Club has taken responsibility for two sections of the Long Trail: on the north of Camels Hump and in the Smugglers Notch area. (The intervening section is the responsibility of the Burlington Section.)


August 2001 to August 2002The section planned and replaced Gorham Lodge with the Bamforth Ridge Shelter
October 2002The Long Trail in Smugglers Notch was rerouted to the former Elephants Head Trail from Vermont 108.
2003-2005Replacement of Watson Camp and Sterling Shelter with a new shelter.


Work Hikes in 2002
Fall 2002 Trails and Shelter Report
Spontaneous and unannounced maintenance
Work Hike on Long Trail near Elephants Head: 19-Oct-02
Work Hike on Bamforth Ridge: 05-Oct-02
Work Hike on Elephants Head Trail: 28-Sep-02
Work Hike to Smugglers Notch: 25-May-02
Work Hike on Bamforth Ridge: 18-May-02
Long Trail Patrol summaryForthcoming
Bamforth Ridge Shelter Construction SummaryForthcoming
Spring 2003 WorkhikesForthcoming
Responsibilities of the Section
Montclair GlenAdopter: Duncan W
Long Trail: Camels Hump to Bamforth Ridge ShelterAdopter: Steve T
Bamforth Ridge Shelter
Long Trail - Bamforth Ridge Shelter to Duxbury Road, Bolton
Long Trail: Vermont 108 to Sterling Pond including the Elephants Head Spur and Elephants Head Trail south of Sterling PondAdopter: Bill C
Sterling Pond Trail (formerly the Long Trail)Adopters: Patricia and Scott B
Sterling Pond ShelterAdopter: David P
Watson Camp
Long Trail: Sterling Pond to Chilcoot PassAdopter: Keith L
Watson Replacement
Scouting hike - Flag 112
Gorham Relocation Committee
Relocation Committee - Status
Bamforth Ridge Shelter Construction Completion - 16 August
Bamforth Ridge Shelter Construction Weekend 9-11 August
Bamforth Ridge Shelter Construction Weekend 2-4 August
Bamforth Ridge Shelter Helicopter Drop: 18-Jul-02
Bamforth Ridge Shelter Drop - Packaging: 17-Jul-02
Bamforth Ridge Shelter Drop Site Clearing: 14-Jul-02
Bamforth Ridge Shelter Drop Site Clearing Photographs: 14-Jul-02
Work Hike on Bamforth Ridge: 18-May-02
Work Hike to plan the site: 04-May-02
Photographs of the Site: 04-May-02
Relocation Committee meeting: 01-Apr-02
Work Plan
Interior Decoration
Previous deliberations 
Relocation Committee meeting: 04-Feb-02 - Structure Selection
Kit Shelter Inspection Hike: 27-Jan-02
Relocation Committee meeting: 15-Jan-02 - Site Selection
Proposed site: Boulder Ridge
Proposed structure: Three-sided Leanto
Background information
The Shelters North of Camels Hump 1912-2001
Frequently-Asked Questions
Reports of scouting hikes
Big Boulder Scouting Hike - 12-Jan-02
Route G Scouting Hike - 29-Dec-01
Route G Scouting Hike - 19-Dec-01
Removal of Gorham Shelter - 12-Dec-01
Bamforth Ridge Scouting Hike 12-Nov-01
Gleason Brook Scouting Hike 04-Nov-01
Sites considered but not recommended
Location of the Candidate Sites
Comparison of the Candidate Sites
Candidate site: Gleason Brook
Candidate site: G-4240
Work Hikes in 2001
Fall 2001 Walkthrough to Smugglers Notch
Fall 2001 Walkthrough to Bamforth Ridge
Fall 2001 Trails and Shelter Report

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